Clay-Shooting Targets for Africa

Our Product Range

We offer the Traditional clay targets which are tried and tested, and are common place on almost  every clay shooting club worldwide, for the last 100 years. These clay targets have stood the test of time and are the benchmark for new developments.  

Realising the impact we have on the environment, we have also developed an alternative product for the environmentally aware shooter.  Our Biodegradable line of clay pigeons are made entirely from natural raw materials, similar in hardness and temperature stability to the traditional clays. Our bio-clays are not made from vegetable wax products which yield lower grade performance. 

Our locally made products have been developed to share the same characteristics of flight and breakability, as traditional targets which have been shot by clay shooters for decades. 

Whats news at AfriClay ?

We have a new partner! 

Following a very challenging COVID-19 Lockdown and 2020 through 2021, we are happy to announce that we have teamed up with an esteemed investor from Gauteng.  AfriClay recognised the need to grow the company as well as the product range, and we are delighted to welcome Emil Gryffenberg to the AfriClay team. Emil not only shares the same passion for the clay shooting sport as us, but is also an experienced CEO and businessmen. Under Emil's leadership, the AfriClay operation will be relocated and operate  in bigger premises in Gauteng. We will therefore be closer to our suppliers and be more central for the distribution of our products. 

Research & Development

Our research and development program is showing some major improvements to our clay pigeons. We have developed a biodegradable clay pigeon using natural polymers and a filler   material which is worked into almost all farmlands in South Africa by the ton. Our product is biodegradable on the microbe level, and therefore takes some years to degrade. It is not soluble in water, and can thus be left out in the rain with no adverse effect on the performance.

Tests indicate that our binding agent has a temperature stability in the region of 80degC, so even Musina club can use our clays and be confident of performance at sweltering midday temperatures.

Whilst maintaining the superior aerodynamic design; centre-of-mass;  and balance; of our clay, the new Sporting clay has increased surface friction. Thereby improving breakability, by ‘catching pellets’ which would normally glance off the dome.  Not only have we increased the breakability of our Sporting Clay, but we have also increased the brittleness, along with its superior thermal stability – all while maintaining the core values of AfriClay, and still being a Biodegradable clay pigeon - for the environmentally aware shooter.



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