Company History

AfriClay- Where it began

The history of clay target shooting in South Africa does not compare with the volume of shooting done in the USA, UK or Europe. The number of clay targets shot per year in South Africa, roughly equals the number of clay targets shot per year  in the USA a century ago. Despite this, we have some very talented shooters who compete well with the worlds best.

Leaders in the clay pigeon manufacturing industry were established, in some cases, over 100 years ago. The knowledge, research and development they have gathered over the years is invaluable, and to compete against these companies for a share of the market is perhaps a little absurd..... unless:

You have a quality product which can compete in terms of price and performance. We, at AfriClay, believe we have both.

AfriClay has been established by two brothers, Justen & Elton, - both avid clay-shooters, wingshooters, conservationists, and both keenly aware of our duty in conserving our environment. As more and more time was spent on the clay ranges, it was clear that something had to be done about the environmental harm the bitumen/pitch based clay pigeons are doing to our fields.  Even a small local clay range, shooting 11 boxes of clay pigeons per month, equates to over 2tons of hydrocarbon rich clay pigeons strewn over the range in 1 year alone.

The thought of the environmental impact which these clays impose on the receiving environment inspired the research into biodegradable clay pigeons. The more research we did, the more it was glaringly obvious that we could provide Southern Africa with an alternative to the bitumen based clays of the past.



AfriClay is a family business of two brothers with similar interests - One is a better shot than the Other.....  the Other, is older and wiser......
We are based in the heart of the  KwaZulu Natal Midlands, tucked away in a quiet little factory in Howick. When we're not fishing, tying flies, or getting kakked on by our wives, then we're probably hunting or blasting clays.